Secret spots

  • The sunset

  • Chryssospilia cave

  • Folegandros view

Explore the space. The island has hidden beauties, tales and legends.


It is a few metres over sea level on the Eastern side of the cliff of the church of Panaghia. The cave is not accessible and it is protected by the Ministry of Culture. Inside the cave stalactites and stalagmites are found, as well as remains from antiquity: pottery fragments, oil lamps, etc. The most important findings though are the names written on the walls, dating back to the 4th century BC; hundreds are recorded, mostly male names, also mentioning the birth-place of the signatories. It is supposed that adulthood ceremonies took place in the cave.

Later on, during the Turkish occupation, it served as refuge for locals protecting them from pirates as it was very difficult to approach and disposed of a cistern that collected rain-water. According to tradition, once that people were hiding in the cave, the pirates, promising to spare her life, were informed by an old lady about the hideout and put a fire at the entrance causing everybody to suffocate. The old lady didn’t get a better ending though; eventually she was thrown off the cliff.


We recommend this quiet place with the beautiful view for one of your evenings out in Folegandros. It is a little church on the Western edge of the island that you can reach by car or on foot from the end of Ano Meria. Around the church there is a big open space and at the edge the Italian watch-house.


On the cliff where the church of Panaghia is, close to the top lays the ancient acropolis of the island, Paliocastro. Sculpted rocks, metal vests and pottery fragments from antiquity to the post- Byzantine years were found. Visiting the church is a chance to go higher up and maybe try to spot them.

Folegandros useful numbers:

City Hall: +30 22860 41285
Port authority: +30 22860 41530
Police: +30 22860 41249
First aid: +30 22860 41222
Pharmacy: +30 22860 41540
Bus: +30 22860 41425,+30 22860 41328
Taxi: 6944693957

Χρήσιμα τηλέφωνα:

Δημαρχείο: +30 22860 41285
Λιμεναρχείο: +30 22860 41530
Αστυνομία: +30 22860 41249
Πρώτες βοήθειες: +30 22860 41222
Φαρμακείο: +30 22860 41540
Λεωφορεία: +30 22860 41425,+30 22860 41328
Ταξί: 6944693957